While the term “throat hit” might seem a little off-putting, it is one of the key elements that make the experience fulfilling. 

Just as the term implies, throat hit is the feeling you get when you inhale smoke, or vapor from your e-cigarette. The vapor from e-liquid hits the back of your throat, just like tobacco smoke, creating a sharp, warm sensation that is relieved when the user exhales.

While this might cause slight coughing in new e-cig users, it becomes an integral part of the satisfaction that comes from vaping. 

The primary force behind this sensation is nicotine. As you can see on our nicotine strength comparison chart, the more nicotine in an e-liquid, the stronger the throat hit. For example, our Full strength cartridges and Flings offer a mid-range throat hit, while our XX (5.4%) strength is labeled “harsh.” If you are not satisfied with the throat hit of your e-cigarettes, you can select cartridges with higher or lower nicotine levels.

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