Making your way through the airport security process probably isn’t even in the top 100 on a list of things you’d like to do, ever; with all of the worrying about whether your little plastic shampoo bottle is the right size and juggling your carry-on items as you try to put your shoes back on in three seconds or less, the last thing you want to have to think about is your electronic cigarette.

Can you take a quick puff while you wait in line? What about on the plane? Can you even get through security with it in your pocket?  Read more to find out!

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UPDATE!  January 23 2015 – "FAA wants airlines to ensure passengers don’t put their e-cigarettes in checked baggage."  Read the full article here > FAA to Airlines: E-cigs in Checked Bags are Fire Risk 

UPDATE! November 2015 - FAA has added Electronic Cigarettes to their Pack Safe page, and provided additional details about how to safely pack electronic cigarettes for air travel. For complete details please follow the link to the FAA website: Pack Safe