We recommend storing your e-cigs at room temperature – between 65° and 75° F. (Approximately 14° to 24°C.)

A few storage tips:

  • Never store your e-cigs in your freezer or on the dashboard of your car.
  • Never take a flame to your e-cig if you think it needs to be “warmed up”.
  • If you live in a really hot or really cold climate and you’re worried about your e-cigs waiting on your porch after they’ve been delivered, don’t worry; unless they are going to remain outside for a significant amount of time (i.e. for more than a day), the probability of any damage is very unlikely.
  • Prolonged or repeated exposure to extreme heat or cold should be avoided
  • When flying, we suggest that you keep your e-cigs in your carry-on luggage. Whilst regulations currently vary from airline-to-airline, the FAA recently issued an advisory notice to airlines suggesting a potential hazard from certain types of vaping products, when packed in to “checked” luggage. For more, read our Blog on the new FAA information: