One thing that our customers like about our ClearDraw cartridges is the windows on the side of the cartridge which allows you to see how much liquid is left in the cartridge itself. On the ClearDraw2 - where the liquid free-flows in the chamber of the cartridge - it’s very easy to tell how much is left in the cartridge. While the ClearDraw and the ClearDraw Max also have the windows, the cotton material in which the liquid is steeped into may make it a tad difficult to see how much liquid is in the chamber but I do have some tips which may make it less of a mystery.

(New Cartridges)



1. When looking at the windows on a full ClearDraw or ClearDraw Max cartridge, you will notice some coloration of the cotton itself. The actual color, as well as the depth of that color, may vary from flavor to flavor. For example the Mango Tango will have an orange tint and a lesser amount of color depth while the Atlantic Cut will be significantly darker and have a greater amount of depth to the color.

(Empty Cartridges)



2. As you use the cartridge you will notice the color fade slowly from the cotton in the chamber. The less color you see the closer the cartridge is to depletion. My personal trick to know when I’m at the very end of a cartridge is to see if the color of the cotton matches the color of the outer casing on the cartridge itself: if they are the same tone of white it’s a good indication you are only a handful of puffs away from depleting the cartridge.

(New vs Empty Cartridge)


While you may continue to get some vapor from a depleted cartridge (you will certainly notice a drop in the amount of vapor produced) it is prudent to cease using the cartridge at that point. If you continue to puff then you may taste an off, slightly burnt flavor which means that the cotton itself is starting to burn a bit as there is no liquid in the chamber. One may also notice a discoloration on the outside of the cartridge and, in some very rare cases when a cartridge is completely devoid of liquid, you may see a hole appear on the side of the cartridge, if you continue to use the empty cartridge, as there is no liquid contained within to conduct the heat at the connection point.


I hope this proves helpful to you. And, of course, should you have any question please feel free to contact us.