ML, MG and NBV…Oh My! 

Choosing the right nicotine strength level has always been key to the enjoyment of any White Cloud products. This was always a somewhat uncomplicated decision as all of our products were designed to work together the same way no matter how one would mix or match the deferent product types under the White Cloud banner. 2.4% (or Full strength) would feel the same across all flavors in whichever product line one would choose.

With the introduction of our bulk e-liquids, which may be used independent of our existing product lines. There are a great many variables on how a given strength level will feel which are dependent on the delivery method or type of system used to create the vapor.

Our Cirrus batteries would create vapor with roughly the same temperature and all the apertures where one would draw vapor from were just about the same size. In tank systems and most vapor pens, the temperature generated is higher (some systems allow one to set their own temperature) and the apertures one would draw from are generally larger. This may have the effect of creating larger vapor clouds but it will also cause the strength level (even if one is accustomed to a given strength in using our in-house products) to feel quite a bit higher.

Please keep in mind that when using our e-liquids in a third party system, it may be best to drop down your strength level in order to make a comfortable transition. We did some experiments along these very lines here at White Cloud and have a blog post which outlines what we found as well.

Also, consider the strength levels you may use currently as there may be some confusion with how strength levels are measured in the industry itself. As an example, we have heard from customers looking for an 8% NBV. As we make one of the highest strength levels in the industry (5.4% NBV) an 8% would not only be exceedingly rare but somewhat uncomfortable to use for the vast majority of people who would try it regardless of the delivery system used to create the vapor. After some conversation, we came to the realization that what these folks were looking for was 8mg e-liquid as opposed to 8% NBV.

Many e-liquids measure their strength in mg (milligrams) as opposed to NBV%. While an 8mg may indicate a certain kind of throat hit and experience, the strength level when measured in NBV would roughly be a 0.8%...a huge difference both mathematically as well as in the nicotine amount and throat hit one would receive. For a closer look at nicotine measurements and what they mean, please click on this link.

A good rule of thumb to determine the approximate equivalence between an e-liquid that has a nicotine measurement in mg and one measure by NBV% is as follows:

MG Level         NBV Level

     54                    5.4%

     36                    3.6%

     24                    2.4%

     16                    1.6%

       8                    0.8%

       0                    0.0% (or nicotine Free)

If you do plan on using any of our e-liquids in third party vape devices but are a bit unsure of what strength levels would suit you best, please give us a call at 800-491-2447, send us an e-mail or even drop into our LiveChat and we will be more than happy to help in finding the perfect strength level for you.

You can also choose single cartridges to test different flavors and strengths.

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