You can quickly and conveniently re-order items based on a previous order.  Simply log into your account and click on "My Orders".

Find the previous order you would like to re-order and click "Re-Order".  The same items will appear in your cart and you can proceed to check out as normal.  Please note that orders placed prior to October 22, 2014 will not have this feature.

If you're unsure which order to choose you can view the order first to confirm.

Wish reordering your items was fast, convenient, and easy? Well now it is with White Cloud Order Subscriptions! This free service allows you to subscribe to your favorite products and have them automatically shipped based on your selected frequency—so whether you order ten Flings every 2 weeks or one 50 Pack of Cartridges a month, you never have to worry about forgetting to place your White Cloud order! Plus, you get to enjoy 5% off of each order shipped with Order Subscriptions!

To learn how to set up an order subscription, please click on this link.

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