Cirrus FOB Button Activated Battery

The new Cirrus FOB manual electronic cigarette battery features button activation to offer an easier draw and a greater level of control for increased vapor production. The battery also comes equipped with an activate/deactivate safety feature to prevent the battery from activating in your pocket or in storage - simply press the button 5 times to activate or deactivate.

 The Cirrus FOB also features a visible battery charge window that indicates the percentage amount of battery life available at a push of a button.

 The Cirrus FOB is available in a brushed metal finish with black front screen, a visible battery charge window that lights up and indicates remaining battery life indicator.  It features a compact size, which is easy to carry and comfortable to use.  This Cirrus FOB battery is super cool and looks great with our refillable Mini Tanks and is compatible with all of the ClearDraw cartridges.

 The Cirrus FOB is charged by using Micro USB charge cord – which is available in 2 cord lengths – 18 inches or 72 inches.


Cirrus FOB Button Activated Battery FAQ:

 Q: Will the FOB battery arrive charged and activated?   

A: The Cirrus FOB battery will arrive charged but deactivated, press the button five times quickly to activate the battery. 


Q: How do I activate my FOB battery?      

A: Pressing the button five times quickly will activate your battery, you will see the light flash three times, and then your battery is active.


Q: Do I have to press the button the entire time I'm inhaling?  

A: Yes, in order for the battery to produce vapor, the button must be pressed down the entire time you're inhaling.


Q: How long will my FOB battery produce vapor when the button is pressed?

A: Keeping the button pressed down will continue to heat the coil/whiskers until 10 -15 seconds has passed. After 10-15 seconds with the button pressed, the heating element will turn off. Release the button and press it again to continue using the battery.


Q: How do I deactivate my FOB battery?  

A: Like with activating the battery, press the button another five times, quickly, and your battery will be deactivated. The light will flash three times, confirming your battery is deactivated and you will not be able to draw from it.


Q: When do I know it's time to charge my FOB battery? 

A: Once your battery's charge is depleted, the light will flash 15 times, indicating it's time to charge your battery.


Q: Do I have to deactivate my FOB battery before charging?    

A: We always recommend deactivating your battery while not in use; not only does this prevent your battery from being accidentally engaged, it will also improve the life of your battery. But the battery will take a charge whether it's activated or deactivated.


Q: What happens when I place my FOB battery on the charger?

A: The light on your battery will flash five times, and then remain on until the battery is fully charged. When the light turns off you know your battery is ready to use. If there are no lights at all when you place it on the charger, the battery should remain on the charger for 2 hours, then check again and the lights should be on, once the light turns off the battery is fully charged.


Q: Will this FOB battery work with my current White Cloud Products?   

A: The FOB battery works with all ClearDraw cartridges and refillable Mini Tanks.


Q: How do I clean my FOB battery?

A: We recommend cleaning the Cirrus FOB battery cartridge connection with a dry, unused, pipe cleaner or an unused mascara style makeup brush –  either can be folded in half to get a wider cleaning surface. Then, use the brush to clean inside the recessed cartridge connection port until any buildup or dirt and debris is removed. Never use any alcohol or solvents to clean your FOB battery, this can cause damage to the battery


Q: What if my cartridge comes apart, and part of it gets stuck inside the recessed connector of my FOB?

A: This can be tricky; For this, we recommend using a pair of micro needle nose pliers or jewelry micro pliers to get down inside the recessed connection port of the FOB battery. Then, try to grip the center post of the stuck cartridge or Mini Tank (or any place you are able to grip with the pliers) and turn until the cartridge or Mini tank is removed from the threading of the Cirrus FOB. Once removed your FOB should still be working, but, if it is not working or if you are unable to remove the cartridge/Mini tank, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-491-2447.


Cirrus FOB Button Activated Battery Troubleshooting tips:

1. Nothing happens when I press the button.

Most likely the battery is deactivated; press the button five times quickly to activate the battery. Pressing the button needs to be done quickly and in succession 1 2 3 4 5 and not 1….2….3….4….5, or a pattern like 1 2 3……4 5.


 2. Each time I press the button the light just flashes and the battery doesn't produce vapor.

If the light flashes immediately after pressing the button, this indicates the battery requires a charge. Place the battery on your charger, the light should then turn on; keep the battery on the charger until the LED light turns off, then your battery should be ready use.


 3. I put my battery on the charger and nothing happened.

If the light doesn't turn on when you put the battery on the charger, leave it on the charger for two hours. Then the light should turn on and the battery should remain on the charger until the light turns off, to ensure a full charge.


 4. None of these tips worked what should I do now?

Contact our Customer Service team by following this link. They will be happy to help you Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm ET.


Battery Specs:

Wideth: 1 5/8”  to 1 3/8” (4.1cm to 3.5cm)

Weight: 85.5 grams

Battery Type: LiPo

Battery Life: 48-72 hours (2-3 days)

Charge Time: 120 minutes

Finish Options: Brushed Metal

Compatible Cartridges: ClearDraw MAX, ClearDraw original, ClearDraw 2 and Refillable Mini Tanks