Infusing nicotine fluid with a specific flavor is an intricate process. Because flavor molecules are highly delicate and complex, even subtle changes to their composition can cause a noticeable difference for some users. Variations in temperature and the material used to manufacture these products can alter a flavoring's consistency, as can the addition of nicotine (which possesses a flavor of its very own).

Another factor that can impact the flavor of e cig liquid involves the source of the flavoring itself. Natural extracts like mint, coffee beans, cocoa beans, cinnamon and vanilla, for example, are harvested at different times of year and from various species of plants.

White Cloud continues to refine the flavoring process over time, setting new standards for every step. This includes everything from where and how flavor components are procured to the actual mixture process performed by our highly trained engineers. Our primary goal, complete customer satisfaction, relies upon our continued commitment to the highest possible level of consistency.

One additional cause of perceived flavor change is the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue and it has several known causes including dehydration, damaged taste buds and a stuffy nose. You know how you stop picking up on certain scents after being around them for a while? When you enjoy the same e-cig flavor day after day, your body adapts to the smell of your vapor. Since taste and smell are both necessary contributors to how we perceive flavor, that loss of scent can cause you to experience flavorless drags. If you’d like to read more about Vaper’s Tongue, check out our new blog “How to Avoid the Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue”

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