Our eVod product line is an advanced vaping system that uses the popular eGo / 510 (90 cm) threading on a 1300Mah battery, along with refillable eVod T-2 tanks. This system has enough to last an entire day of vaping.


Our eVod products include

  • eVod Starter Kit (one battery and charger, a five pack of tanks, and a 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

  • eVod Battery, sold individually.

  • eVod T-2 tanks, sold in packs of five and with capacity of 2.4ml per tank.

  • eVod Charger, allows for charging one eVod battery at a time.

  • eVod Replacement coils, sold in packs of five.


eVod Product line Q&A


Q: How do I turn on my eVod Battery?

A: eVod battery’s are button activated, push the button 5 times in quick succession with no pauses, (like 12345, not 123...45 etc.) Then the light on the button should flash indicating the battery is on and ready to go.


Q: How do I fill my eVod T-2 tank?

A: Once you have the T-2 tank removed from the box:

1. Unscrew the cap/mouthpiece

2. Make sure the center post (coil and wick assembly) is screwed in tight.

3. Then fill your tank to the fill line with the e-liquid.

4. Then screw the cap/mouthpiece back on to the tank,


Q: How do I know when my eVod battery needs to be charged?

A: As the battery is close to depleting it’s charge, you’ll start to notice a lack of vapor being produced when you puff. Once the battery has completely depleted it’s charge you’ll notice the light around the button start to flash.


Q: How do I charge my eVod Battery?

A: Remove the T-2 tank from your battery, then screw your battery on to the charger, and the light on the charger will turn Red and flash between Red and Green. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will turn Green and stay green indicating it is ready to use again.


Q: How many times can I refill my eVod T-2 tank?

A: Each T-2 tanks' wick and coil assembly will last between 5 & 10 refills before you start to notice a difference in taste, depending on your usage. Once you start tasting a difference, it is time for either a new tank, or a new wick and coil assembly.


Q: How do I replace the coil in my eVod T-2 tank?

A: First, there are no tools required to replace your T-2 tank coil! After purchasing your replacement pack of coils.

1. Make sure the tank is as empty as possible

2. Unscrew the mouth piece of the T-2 tank.

3. Then unscrew the center post, exposed after removing the mouth piece, and remove the post along with the old coil and wick.

4. Open a new coil from the pack of replacement coils

5. Thread the new coil on to where the old coil was,

6. Once seated firmly, refill the tank, reattach the mouth piece. Now you’re ready and start vaping!


Technical Specifications


eVod Battery Details:
Thread: eGo / 510 (90 cm)
Battery Capacity: 1300 mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Total Length: 3.9 Inches (99 mm)
Diameter: 0.58 Inches (15 mm)
Available Colors: Stainless Steel
Compatible Products: eVod Charger and eVod T-2 Tanks


eVod T-2 Tank Details:
Thread: eGo / 510 (90 cm)
E-Liquid Capacity: 2.4ml
Dimensions: 73mm x 15mm (Diameter)
Compatible Products: eVod Battery


eVod Charger Details:
Length: 350mm
Compatible Products: eVod Battery