With the introduction of proposition 65 into California law, there has been some confusion as to the purchase, sale and delivery of e-cig products. While the specifics can be a tad confusing, I will be happy to relate how this may affect our valued White Cloud customers.

We are only allowed to ship to the billing address on your account (ie: the billing address and shipping address on your White Cloud accounts must be exactly the same).

Additionally, the card used to make the purchase must have a billing address on the card which matches exactly to the billing/shipping address on you White Cloud account. If there is any discrepancy (even a small one – for example, an abbreviation such as ST. on one set of information and the word Street fully spelled out on another) between these addresses it may prevent us from shipping the parcel out in order to stay in compliance with California law.

Follow the link below for more information regarding current and past California E-Cig law:

California: Laws and regulations summary

Please contact us if you have any questions - we are always here to help.