To make any changes to the items you are ordering click on the shopping cart icon on the top right of the web site which is next to our phone number.

Editing Items in your cart

  • Click on the blue edit link shown next to the unit price.  This is found to the right of item name and order subscription frequency.  
  • After you click edit you will be taken to the product page where you can change the flavor or strength, or type of battery and the quantity.

 For detailed video instruction on how to edit your cart; follow the link FAQ Videos section.

 Deleting items in your cart

  • Simply click on the red trash can Icon next to the item in your shopping cart.
  • This will delete the item and the quantity.

 Change the quantity of an item

  • If you only want to change a quantity simply enter the new quantity you would like and click on the blue bar that says "Update Shopping cart", which is found at the bottom of the list of items in your shopping cart.