The length of time that a specific cartridge or Fling continues to produce vapor depends highly on the way one uses the product. 

Calculating the precise number of puffs produced by each cartridge or Fling is not possible due to a number of variables, including:

  • The way in which the user puffs or pulls (this can vary from day to day or even during separate sessions within a single day)
  • The length of each draw (for example, pulling for 2 to 3 seconds versus 5 to 6 seconds)
  • The amount of time that passes between puffs and the number of times the e cig is puffed consecutively
  • Hot boxing or “prime” puffing (we discourage this type of use)

Other variables that have an impact on the life of a cartridge or Fling include our individual smoking patterns, which change with our:

  • Social behavior
  • Environment
  • Current situation

In addition to considering these factors, remember that new e cig users typically experience a period of adjustment while they get used to vaping.

Additional Helpful Tips:

  • Use a fully charged battery with cartridges. If you find yourself needing to pull harder or longer to obtain the same amount of vapor, your battery may need to be recharged.
  • Please take advantage of this helpful page on how to use cartridges correctly.
  • If you're using the new ClearDraw 2 cartridge, please watch this helpful video for getting the most form your ClearDraw 2 Cartridge.
  • Consider the nicotine strength level you are using. If you feel that your cartridge or Fling is not lasting long enough, it is possible that your individual preference and tolerance would be better suited for something stronger.
  • For more information regarding how long your cartridge or fling will last; please visit our Blog Post, E-Cigarette Use: The fallacy of puff counts.