We sometimes use abbreviations to indicate the strength and flavor of your cartridges and disposable products.  The first letter indicates the strength (which may also be noted as the Nicotine By Volume – or NBV – number).  The second letter indicates the flavor.  See the table below to help you identify your cartridges or Flings.

Strength Flavors
XX (5.4% NBV) = Double Extra Strength R = Regular (Tobacco)
X (3.6% NBV) = Extra Strength M = Menthol
F (2.4% NBV) = Full Strength V = Vanilla
L (1.6% NBV) = Light Strength BB = Bora Bora (Mild Tobacco)
UL (0.8% NBV) = Ultra-Light Strength E = Espresso
NF (0.0% NBV) = Nicotine Free A = Apache (Bold Tobacco)
  CN = Cinnamon
  AC = Atlantic Cut (Tobacco)
  ZK = Zero K (Icy Menthol)
  W = What a Melon (Watermelon)
  CB = Cherry Black (Cherry tobacco)
  FC = Fraise Creme