Ahhhh, the million-dollar question from our blog readers – and one our Customer Service team answers regularly – why don’t we encourage users to refill our e-cigarette cartridges?

The short answer is: They’re not designed for such use.

White Cloud ClearDraw and ClearDraw2 cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Refilling cartridges usually results in overfilling them. This overflow eventually seeps down into the components of the battery. When liquid comes in contact with the electrical components, that component becomes inoperable due to a short circuit.

This overflow also leads to the top of the battery becoming clogged in areas that require air flow. When air flow is restricted it becomes very hard, or impossible, to pull vapor through your e-cig.

Refilling cartridges will void your warranty. You will need to purchase another battery if your battery fails due to refilling.

The long answer is much more detailed, but worth reading before you try to crack open a ClearDraw2 cartridge on your dining room table.

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