There are many ways a cartridge can be defective.

  • The threading on the cartridge was not made properly.
  • The heater coil is not connected to the collar properly.
  • There could be a bit of condensation on the heater coil.  This simply means it will take few puffs to heat up the coil and burn off the condensation.  Once the condensation is removed the cartridge will perform correctly.
  • The internal components may be defective.
  • Certain cartridge and battery combinations may not operate properly for you. One cause involves the battery itself and its internal components. Within the battery is a cathode spindle surrounded by a silicone grommet. Over time and with regular use, repeated movement sustained while attaching various cartridges and connecting the battery unit to the charger can wear down this grommet. Because the grommet is responsible for holding the spindle in place, long-term wear forces the spindle downward.
      • This results in a poor connection between the spindles of  the cartridge and battery.
      • This is the normal progression of any product comprised of complex internal parts and this wear is not the fault of the user. It simply occurs over time.

If you are having a problem please contact us and we will help determine the cause to properly resolve this for you.  As with any defective product it is important that you return it to us for evaluation and testing.  If we do not test the product we won't know what is causing the issue.