If you are using ClearDraw2 refrain from puffing fast or hard.  This will not produce vapor and may cause damage to the cartridge.

•   Low battery life may also cause low or no vapor.  Use a fully charged battery - recharge your battery often - it's good for your battery!  

•   Refrain from using the e-cig in an inverted position, or lying down.  This could cause the pad that sits above the heater coil to dry out and may cause damage to the cartridge.

•   If it's a new cartridge, try it on a different battery. On rare occasions a cartridge may work on one battery, but not another. If you find this happening you may need to replace the battery.

•   The capsule in the ClearDraw2 may not be seated all the way.  Please push down on the top of the cartridge to be sure it is seated all the way down inside the cartridge casing (sub-assembly).

•   It may be completely used and it's time to put on a new cartridge. Check the window for liquid.

•   The cartridge may not be completely attached to the battery. Please be sure the cartridge is tightened on the battery.

•   The cartridge may be defective. Please contact us for an RMA number to return the product for testing.

For more tips on getting the most from your ClearDraw 2 cartridge, please follow the link to this helpful video.

If you throw your cartridges away, we cannot replace them! Any non-working cartridge must be returned to us for testing and replacement.  If they are defective, we will replace them for you free of charge. We're sorry, but retail locations cannot replace cartridges as they do not have the equipment or the technical expertise to test them.