Here at White Cloud, we love to talk about choice. And with good reason – no other e-cig company offers more options for flavors, nicotine strengths, Starter Kit varieties, etc. Basically, for people looking to get into e-cigarettes, if you want it, chances are we have it.

But the question we often hear, but aren’t always able to answer is: “Which White Cloud product is right for me?”

If we were selfish jerks, we’d just say, “Buy all of them and decide for yourself.” But we’re not. We know that first impressions are lasting impressions, so we strive to make sure your experiences with White Cloud are the ones that match your needs.

Whether you are a first-time e-cig user or just new to White Cloud, you should read our Blog; New e-cigarette user? Rechargeable vs. Disposable  to learn more about disposable and rechargeable e-cig options.