WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Bans Are Happening!

On January 2, the FDA announced plans to remove flavored e-cigs from the market until premarket tobacco applications have been submitted for approval. At some point in the future, flavors may no longer be available so stock up now while you can!

Check out our blog for more information regarding the flavor ban and what’s next for vaping regulations.


White Cloud gives you choice. Our premier line of electronic cigarette products offers more flavor variety than you'll find anywhere else. Along with our traditional tobacco and menthol e-cigarette flavors, White Cloud has more than 10 options, from robust Espresso to the just-sweet-enough Cinnamon. Our experts develop only authentic, satisfying flavors with the right vapor consistency.

Tobacco Flavors

Regular Tobacco

Regular Tobacco Shop Now

Both rich and unmistakable, this is White Cloud’s most popular flavor. It gives you the familiar, freshly lit tobacco taste you love.

Apache Tobacco

Apache Tobacco Shop Now

For serious tobacco lovers. Bold and authentic, Apache is perfect for those who enjoy filter-less cigarettes and pipe tobacco.

Atlantic-Cut Tobacco

Atlantic-Cut Tobacco Shop Now

Infused with subtle notes of caramel and aged rye whiskey, our inspired Atlantic-Cut embodies robust flavors at their very finest.

Bora Bora Tobacco

Bora Bora Tobacco Shop Now

Make a trip to the tropics every day. Bora Bora is a bold and zesty way to take an exotic escape whenever you want.

Cherry Black Tobacco

Cherry Black Tobacco Shop Now

Robust, rich and aromatic with a hint of cherry, our e-cig version of this popular pipe tobacco is sweet and satisfying.

Menthol Flavors


Menthol Shop Now

Inspired by fresh mint and fire-cured tobacco, you get that cool, invigorating menthol taste you crave but without tobacco.

Zero K° Menthol

Zero K° Menthol Shop Now

White Cloud’s coolest flavor – literally. Enjoy the fresh zing of peppermint infused with a blast of energizing menthol.

Adult Targeted Flavors


Cin Shop Now

Treat your taste buds to one of our most popular and authentic flavors. It’s like classic cinnamon gum, but lasts much longer.


Espresso Shop Now

Forget the coffee house. Our Espresso flavor has the taste of rich, robust coffee beans with no barista required.


Vanilla Shop Now

The ripe and smooth vanilla bean is the star of this sweet and creamy flavor. It’s perfect for everyday indulgence.

What A Melon

What A Melon Shop Now

Savor the taste of a summer favorite all year long. This watermelon flavor is refreshing, cool and sweet – but not too sweet.

Fraise Crème

Fraise Crème Shop Now

Perfectly ripened strawberry and velvety sweet cream hit the dance floor together and make sweet music in this indulgent flavor.

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