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White Cloud Order Subscriptions

White Cloud Order Subscriptions

Subscribe & Save 5% with White Cloud!

Never Forget to Place Your Order Again

There’s nothing fun about forgetting to place your order and finding yourself out of your favorite ClearDraw MAX or Fling disposable e-cigs. But that's one less thing you have to worry about when you create a White Cloud Order Subscription!

This free service allows you to subscribe to your favorite products and have them automatically shipped based on your selected frequency—so whether you order ten Flings every 2 weeks or one 50 Pack of ClearDraw a month, you never have to worry about forgetting to place your White Cloud order! Plus, you get to enjoy 5% off of each order shipped with Order Subscriptions!


Follow the simple steps below to set up your first order subscription.

You can also skip further below to our video tutorials addressing FAQs on how to edit and maintain your order subscriptions, or go straight to your account dashboard and get started.
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Creating a White Cloud Order Subscription

There are only a couple of requirements to complete before setting up your order subscription:

1. Your account must have a saved payment method.

2. You must have a physical domestic shipping address associated with your account. You cannot create an order subscription for international addresses.

Once the requirements are met, setting up an order subscription is easy--simply follow the steps in this video:

Creating An Order Subscription From Recent Orders

You can also set up an Order Subscription based on your frequent orders by navigating to your account dashboard. Under “Recent Orders”, select “View Order” for the previous order you would like to turn into an Order Subscription. Once you locate the order you would like to turn into an Order Subscription, click the “Create an Order Subscription” button:

Items Ordered

After selecting the frequency of your Order Subscription within the pop-up window, click “Confirm Subscription Items”:


You will then be taken to your Order Subscription page which will show the details for your confirmed Order Subscription, including the next scheduled ship date. If everything is set up correctly, you'll see three green check marks confirming you completed all required steps.

View Items

If you need your items ahead of your next scheduled ship date, then click on the arrow next to “See all items in this order":

Then click the link to “Buy These Items Now” and your items will automatically be added to your cart. Then you can click on your cart icon and continue with the checkout process:


Order Subscription Tutorials - Editing and Managing

The video playlist icon " " is located in the top left corner of the video. This video playlist includes 6 video tutorials addressing FAQs. Simply click the menu icon " " (top left of the video to the right or below here if on a mobile device) to select a specific video, or simply click play to view all videos. Here is a list of the videos included within the playlist:

  • Changing Order Frequency on Subscriptions
  • Changing Quantities and Adding Items to Order Subscriptions
  • Pausing and Deleting Order Subscriptions
  • Update Shipping Method for Order Subscription
  • Updating Shipping Address for Order Subscription
  • Updating Billing Address for Order Subscription

Click here to read our Order Subscriptions terms and conditions:    Terms and Conditions

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